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Due to the pandemic it became clear to me that an office was not necessary to be able to look after customers effectively because of the evolution in technology and the ability to access most documents online. I am still able to apply for your mortgage and arrange protection via video, phone calls and emails which fits in with your schedule.


With all this in mind, this past 12 months has made me believe that now is the perfect time to set up Norcutt Mortgages and have the freedom to help you on your mortgage journey, without the corporate restrictions.


Being a local business gives me the local knowledge of surrounding areas for your house hunt, the flexibility in when we can talk through details with no restrictions of office hours and also the ability to help you in the easiest way possible for  you, whether it be at your home, over the phone or video call.

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About Jonathan

Hi, I’m Jonathan Norcutt, Director of Norcutt Mortgages. 

I started my career back in 2010 as a trainee mortgage and protection advisor for one of the largest estate agents in the UK and it was here that I learnt to hone my skills from dealing with hundreds of different clients, each with their own unique situations.

It was soon into my career that I realised how much I loved this profession where meeting different people and overcoming challenges that others could not, made me motivated to help as many clients as I can.

I’ve built so many great relationships with the clients I’ve been lucky enough to help in their mortgage journey. I have seen their lives evolve as they’ve got married, started families, built up their BTL portfolios, progressed in their own careers and various other life events.

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