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Award-Winning Mortgage Broker: Norcutt Mortgages Wins ‘Best Mortgage & Protection Advisory – East Anglia’ Award

Monday 26th February 2024
(information contained within was correct at the time of publication but is subject to change)

We are thrilled to announce that Norcutt Mortgages is an award-winning mortgage broker after we won the award for ‘Best Mortgage & Protection Advisory – East Anglia’ in the 2023 SME News Finance Awards. 

SME award for best mortgage and protection advisory in East Anglia. The award is from the finance awards 2023.

This is an incredibly huge honour for the entire team, and we are beyond grateful to see that the work we do for our clients has been noticed and commended. 

Being an award-winning mortgage broker in East Anglia isn’t just great for our self-esteem, it also shows that we really know what we’re talking about. As a team of mortgage and financial protection experts, we help families, couples and individuals through some of the most important stages of their lives, often guiding them through huge financial commitments and big life decisions. 

Going forward, we hope to help even more people by being the best mortgage advisors we can be. And who knows, there may be one or two more awards with our name on them in the future. 

About SME News and the SME News Finance Awards 

About SME News

SME News are the go-to choice for everything in the world of small and medium-sized businesses. With a quarterly magazine packed with insights, advice and updates; awards that praise small and medium businesses across the nation; and regularly producing content all aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses grow and flourish, SME News do great work.  

About the SME Finance Awards

Not only do SME News provide outstanding support to businesses, but they also look out for the everyday person, such people as first-time homebuyers. How? through their Finance Awards, people get to see which small and medium firms and individuals in the finance sector are doing the best work. 

Businesses like Norcutt Mortgages – who have been nominated and won an award – are the finance businesses these business experts recommend you work with. After all, when it comes to your finances, you need to ensure the people and businesses you work with are qualified, honest, reliable, and on your side. 

About the Award: ‘Best Mortgage & Protection Advisory – East Anglia’

As for the award that made us into an award-winning mortgage broker, how was it decided that we were the winner? Here’s how and why SME News chose us as the best mortgage and protection advisor in East Anglia:

  • Researching nominees – The SME News team started by taking a look at the current small to medium-sized leaders within the finance industry. 

  • Shortlisting nominees – With the market researched, a shortlist of nominees was then created, leaving only the best of the best.

  • Evaluation and judging – With information supplied by nominees and research conducted across publicly accessible sources, the judges made their final decision. 

  • The winner is announced – Once the winner is decided, they are notified and congratulated and it’s made official!

SME News has said that: “The research team casts their final judgment, based on various criteria including: client dedication, innovation, business growth, longevity, online reputation, customer feedback and business performance.”

Being a winner of these awards means that the services we provide, the commitment to our clients, and the results we achieve are simply second to none, making us an award-winning mortgage broker in East Anglia. 

Our Journey to Success: How We Became an Award-Winning Mortgage Broker in East Anglia 

Jonathan and the rest of our team at Norcutt Mortgages have a true passion for what we do.

Helping people to overcome challenges that others were not able to solve, such as finding a mortgage to suit them, navigating a successful remortgage, expanding portfolios, and demystifying insurance dilemmas, is what we love most about the work we do. 

To be the best mortgage broker and protection advisor we can be, we get to know you, the person in need of help. We understand that every situation is unique — people's lives and circumstances are constantly changing. It’s this unwavering desire to do everything we can by you that sets us apart from others.  

Hear What Our Clients Think About Us 

Of course, we wouldn’t be an award-winning mortgage broker without the support of our clients, who have trusted us to help them achieve their financial goals. 

See why others use Norcutt Mortgages to be their chosen mortgage and protection specialist.

First up, Chelsie of Norcutt Mortgages assisted one client by finding a mortgage deal that was ideal for him during his remortgage:

“Chelsie has been a gem throughout our entire remortgage process.

Not only did she find the best rates in an increasing base rate market she also kept tracking through the process and secured an even better deal prior to completion.

I cannot recommend Chelsie highly enough for her great communication and [can-do] attitude, which made us feel valued as clients and we will not be using anyone else in the future!”

We also helped another client and her partner move into their first home with a mortgage that suited their current circumstances:

“We first contacted Norcutt Mortgages as a very confused and daunted couple looking to buy our first home together. Jonathan quickly responded and has always been approachable to ask ‘silly questions’ which he respects are not silly if you do not know/understand. 

Jon has always been professional but also during phone calls he put us at ease with no jargon and good humour to build a relationship between us and himself. This made us feel comfortable and relaxed during the process. All communication was via phone or email, we were offered face to face appointments but due to work commitments usually evening phone calls worked best which he always made time for and fitted in.

We have just received the keys to our first home through Norcutt Mortgages help and Jon has still been answering any questions I still have! Thank you so much for helping us get onto the property ladder and purchase our first home. You have been an excellent mortgage advisor and would 100% recommend to anyone, particularly first time buyers! Thanks again.” 

We know a lot goes into acquiring a great mortgage for our clients, such as working cooperatively with solicitors, keeping clients updated during the whole process, and more. We did exactly that for this client, as well as helping her with our insurance advisor service:

“Chelsie was amazing from start to finish. She was informative from the outset and didn’t drop the ball once. She talked to me in depth and at length about my options, not only in relation to mortgages but also life insurance policies as well.

She kept in touch with my solicitor and regularly kept me updated throughout the sale process. I will be forever grateful for her expertise and help, allowing me to finally get back on the housing ladder.”

This Award-Winning Mortgage Broker is Just Getting Started

A huge thank you has to go to our magnificent team here at Norcutt Mortgages who continue to represent our business in the best light. And to our clients – we hope to continue to do right by you and others who need the help of our expertise. 

We’re excited for the future and hope you will come along with us. Be sure to follow us on our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

To discover how Norcutt Mortgages, the award-winning mortgage broker in East Anglia, can help you, visit our website. And for more professional insight into the world of mortgages, read our blog

If you’re ready to achieve your goals in the new year and start the next chapter of your life, reach out to our team today


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